Water Mule diaphragm pump units have been the go to unit for our prescribed burn customers, and has been specifically designed with them in mind.  These units are considered high pressure, low volume.  Our high pressure skids perform all of the tasks needed for prescribed burn including wet line, firebreak control, fire control, and mop up.  They have many uses other than prescribed burn, such as wash down and herbicide/pesticide/fertilizer application. 

Water Mule Model GP165

(Shown With Optional Equipment)

​​GP165 / GP225

Our truck mounted centrifugal pump skid units are the GP165 (165 gallon unit) and GP225 (225 gallon unit).  With the ever growing popularity of the standard short box pickup bed, these units have been designed to fit with the tailgate up, turning your truck into a brush rig at a moments notice.

These skid units feature the following:

  • 74”L x 42”W x 46”H
  • 5 HP Briggs & Stratton Vanguard driven AMT 2" High Pressure pump capable of 108 PSI
  • Full tubular steel undercarriage with manifold and engine guards
  • Heavy wall polyethylene tank with UV inhibitors 
  • 3 discharge port manifold with full valving including
    • 2" Camlock coupling
    • 15' of 1" booster hose w/ 1" MNPT & dual gallonage 10/30 GPM S&H fog nozzle
    • Standard 3/4" GHT coupling
    • Pressure gauge. 
  • Lift/Tie down points
  • 25' of 2" draft/discharge hose with foot strainer.
  • 2" draft port

Options are available for the Water Mule GP165 and GP225 including but not limited to:

  • Reelcraft manual hose reel with 100' of 3/4” booster hose & adjustable Fireman's Nozzle
  • Full length forklift pockets
  • Honda engine driven pump

diaphragm pump units


Our high pressure UTV unit, the UTV65HP, is based on the UTV65 platform. It is endorsed by the Oklahoma Prescribed Burn Association and all 22 of its chapters. 
Each UTV65HP features the following:

  • 43”L x 40.5”W x 31”H
  • GX160, 4 stroke, Honda engine
  • Udor Kappa-25 pump capable of 350 PSI and 7 GPM (flow @ 100PSI)
  • Full tubular steel undercarriage with hand holds/tie downs
  • Heavy wall polyethylene 65 gallon tank with UV inhibitors. 
  • Reelcraft manual hose reel with 100' of 1/2” FR jacketed 500 PSI hose and Hypro 17” adjustable spray gun
  • Pressure regulator with gauge

Water Mule centrifugal pump units serve many functions including water transportation, dewatering, water transfer, remote irrigation, dust control, equipment wash down, and standby for brush pile burns or wildfire, etc.  These units are considered to be standard pressure, high volume.  All of our centrifugal pump units offer drafting capabilities, and include a draft hose with foot strainer as standard.

If you have a whole crew with fire equipment, then you'll need some way to keep them in water.  Enter the NT510.  This nurse tank is built on a completely self contained skid and will fit on a 5'+ wide trailer.

Each NT510 features the following:

  • 104"L x 60"W x 44"H
  • 510 gal. poly leg tank
  • 5 HP Honda engine driven AMT 2” high pressure pump capable of 94 PSI, 130 GPM
  • 2” x 11 ga. square tubular frame with 2” x 6” full length for pockets, 4 lift/tie down points
  • 2” camlock discharge port with gauge
  • 2” camlock draft port
  • 2” x 30’ camlock draft hose with foot strainer
  • 1” x 25’ whip w/dual range (10/30 GPM) S&H alum. fog nozzle
Water Mule NT510 Skid Unit

water mule firefighting skid units

The Water Mule family of skid units has been developed as a user friendly, fire suppression and multipurpose tool to help our customers meet their needs. We have several models to choose from.  Each Water Mule firefighting skid unit is proudly manufactured at our facility in Tuttle, Oklahoma.  If you don't see a skid that meets your exact needs, let us know. We can customize a skid just for you!  Visit our Contact Us page and contact us today for pricing and availability.  Two different styles of skids offered, those with centrifugal pumps and those with diaphragm pumps.

Water Mule Model UTV65


The GP225HP is a fully self contained unit, ready for your truck. It has the added luxuries of electric rewind reel, electric start engine, and onboard power for both, so there's no need to wire it to your truck.  Dual hoses and guns gives you the ability to cover more ground with less units and a pump with more than enough capacity to operate both.

The GP225HP features the following:

  • 76”L x 42”W x 46”H
  • 225 gallon polyethylene leg tank (as an option, this tank can be black or it can be baffled)
  • Udor Delta 75, capable of 20 GPM and 560 PSI with 2 discharges
  • Honda GX340, electric start (with battery and box), 11 HP, recoil backup
  • (1) 1/2” x 200’ Reelcraft electric rewind hose reel with 1/2” high pressure rubber hose & QD fitting
  • (1) 1/2" x 25’ high pressure rubber whip hose with QD fitting
  • (2) 17” Hypro adjustable spray guns with QD fittings
  • 2” x 11 ga. square tube frame with 2" x 6” full length fork pockets, 4 lift/tie down points, and engine/pump cage

Water Mule Model GP225HP

(Shown With Optional Equipment)

Water Mule GP225HP Skid Unit

Water Mule Model NT510

Water Mule GP225 Skid Unit

​The UTV65 is designed to fit in the bed of most any utility side by side or UTV.
Each UTV65 features the following:

  • 43”L x 39”W x 32.5”H
  • 2.5 HP, 4 stroke, WX15TA Honda centrifugal pump capable of 54 PSI and 74 GPM
  • Full tubular steel undercarriage with hand holds/tie downs
  • Heavy wall polyethylene 65 gallon tank with UV inhibitors
  • Manifold with pressure gauge
  • Reelcraft manual hose reel with 50' of 3/4" booster hose with adjustable Fireman's nozzle
  • 15' of 1.5" draft hose with foot strainer
  • 1.5" draft port
  • Pressure gauge
Water Mule UTV65HP Skid Unit
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Water Mule UTV65 Skid Unit

Water Mule Model UTV65HP

Water Mule GP165 Skid Unit

Water Mule Model GP225

(Shown With Optional Equipment)